lunes, 25 de febrero de 2008

Who is Barack Obama?

Obama has achieved something that some people thought not even God could do.

Europe loves him, rich college kids faint before him and Chris Matthews, an American liberal TV commentator wets his pants over him. Who is Barack Obama and how could so many people be fooled by this radical and dangerous man?

Europe loves him, rich college kids faint before him and Chris Matthews, an American liberal TV commentator wets his pants over him. Who is Barack Obama and how could so many people be fooled by this radical and dangerous man?

Many far superior conservative writers have speculated that Obama’s fans are the bastard children of the Clinton’s “do what feel’s good” 90’s. The self-centered children of the anything goes, failure is success, stupid is smart, bad is good, left-speak generation has come home to roost. Who is paying the price for this new generation of sheeple (sheep + people), none other than the Village collectivist superintendent, Hillary Rodham Clinton. These Obamabrats were supposed to be her children but something strange happened on the way to the Coronation. The children had all grown up and the results were not pretty. Hillary is paying now but will the country also pay a high price later?

Change. The most overused word in the English language in this election year has been the rallying cry for Obama, Hillary and even some Republicans. No one can define change unfortunately, least of all Barack Obama, although the change Hillary or McCain propose is at least a known. Mr. Obama waxes poetically about change but never discusses what that change may be, the cost involved and who will lose. There is always a winner and a loser when it comes to change. In Zimbabwe when Robert Mugabe expropriated lands, the indigenous people of that country were expected to be the beneficiaries of this “agrarian reform.” The idea was to punish descendents of Imperialist nations for the benefit of the oppressed masses. Only one part of change was successful. The farmers lost their homes, livelihoods and homeland. The result is that Zimbabwe has more inflation than Germany did after WWI and that people are starving and the country must import food. Similar change is now showing up in Venezuela where it is cheaper and also necessary to import food than to manufacturer it. Another success story called “change.”

The little we do know about Obama’s change is that it will cost a lot of money and that he will reinvent international diplomacy. In addition to sitting down with all of our enemies without pre-condition, Obama has stated that he will invade Pakistan, an ally of the United States. At the same time, he will surrender Iraq to Al Qaeda and focus on the real war, Afghanistan. Afghanistan became the real war to liberals when we went into Iraq. Before Iraq, liberals were declaring Afghanistan a quagmire like Vietnam and demanding our withdrawal. Somehow, leaving Iraq and allowing millions to die is the ethical thing to do in liberal “think” tanks. I guess since liberals let millions die in Africa during the Clinton years what’s another couple of million lives.

Obama has achieved something that some people thought not even God could do. He has Republicans saying they would prefer Hillary Clinton to Obama. If the Democrats are to win in 2008, as many pundits say they will, then many Republicans (not all) are saying Hillary would be the lesser of two evils.

Hillary Clinton has been the anti-Christ to Republicans since,…..since she first stepped into the White House. Hillary has abused power dating back to the FBI file scandals, the White House firings, her Healthcare Star Chamber amid other scandals. There is no love lost between Hillary and Republicans so it should be a warning to Democrats that Hillary is seen as the more palatable choice for President. Although many pundits assume that Hillary would be easier to beat in the general election, I am not convinced. Hillary and McCain are not that different politically. Both believe in Global Warming and signing economically debilitating treaties, both believe in Amnesty, both pander to populist propaganda against “corporations,” both refuse to find new energy resources in US territory, although new resources from Brazil, Cuba, or Norway are somehow environmentally acceptable. Both Hillary and McCain also would defend the US and their interests and I am not convinced that Barack Obama would.

Regardless of your stance on the Iraq war and the reasons for getting in, Hillary will not pull a Zapatero and leave Iraq no matter what she is promising now. Hillary is smart enough to know that such a power vacuum would eventually lead to mass killings unlike anything we have seen in modern times and that we would eventually need to go back in. Obama has cornered himself into a position where anything less than absolute surrender in Iraq would be unacceptable to his flock of Manson-like followers. Even if Obama wanted to stay in Iraq, he won’t be able to unless he betrays the “change” he has preached. Barack tied his hands to a surrender policy much like Zapatero of Spain when it was politically easy to do so, when there was carnage every day on TV. Now things have changed in terms of violence and progress, even politically, though the left wing New York Times, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid refuse to acknowledge it.

Obama has a radical past and hides it by talking in religious platitudes about peace, change, hope, yada yada. If not for pacifists and “useless idiots” in the American and worldwide Progressive movement, perhaps millions of lives might have been spared in the 20th century. Have we learned nothing from failed Presidencies such as Carter’s? Much of today’s radical Islam really took hold under the Carter years. Barack Obama would be Carter on Red Bull. While making strategically dangerous decisions abroad, Obama would cripple this country economically with restrictive Socialist programs that have been estimated at nearly one trillion dollars. Where would the money come from? Would a President Obama get the money from higher taxes or by dismembering the military? Would Obama disable our missile defense system just as it is coming to successful fruition? Would Obama try to unilaterally disarm our nuclear capability just as Iran is coming into their own capability? Would Obama defend Israel, Taiwan or even Europe from their enemies? I want to know the answers and no one is asking the questions. If it comes down to getting the Devil we know in Hillary or the Devil we don’t with Obama, hands

Por Peter Turner

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